• 2019 General Meeting

    Posted September 9, 2019

    Hello Colonial Little League Families,

    On Tuesday, September 17th, Colonial Little League will be holding our Annual General Membership and Election meeting, 7pm at the Great Meadows Middle School cafeteria.

    In addition to conducting normal League business, we will be giving reports on the 2019 season, determine how many board positions we will hold for the upcoming 2020 baseball season and then proceed to fill them.

    This past year we had 10 Board Members, but we can expand that number as the general membership sees fit. The more people we have involved the better baseball experience we can bring to your children. If there is something new you think we can add or improve on for the upcoming season, please feel free to volunteer and help make it happen.

    Here is a link the explains the Roles & Responsibilities of Local Board of Directors

Divisions of Play(Spring)

**All ages below are considered the players "League Age".**

To find out your participants "League Age" for the 2019 Season click here

T Ball/ 5-6 years old- The T ball division isdesigned to provide a foundation and introduction to baseball and softball that is grounded in fundamentals, fitness and having fun.

Rookies(Coach Pitch) 7-8 years old- The Rookie division can be Coach Pitch, Kid pitch or Machine pitch. As the season progresses it is encouraged to have the players begin to pitch if possible.

Minor League/ 9-10 years old- The Minor League Division is entry level Kid Pitch. Minors play by the normal rules of Little League but without the dropped third strike and infield fly rule, with limits on stealing of bases.

Major League/ 11-12 years old- The Major League division is the same level you see played in the Little League World Series on ESPN each Summer. The Majors play by the normal baseball rules as outlined in the Little League rule book but with a continuous batting order during the regular season.

Intermediate (50'/70') 11-13 years old- The Intermediate Division bridges the transition from the Major League (46/60) to Junior League Baseball on a full-size field (60/90). It is a league for 11-13 year-olds whose advanced skills permit rules that are closer to conventional baseball, such as leading off bases, pickoff attempts, etc. The Intermediate teams will be an additional or 2nd team for players who are interested and capable. For more information about this division contact the Colonial LL Player Agent..

Junior League/13-14 years old- The Junior Division plays by normal baseball rules as outlined in the Little League rule book but with a continuous batting order during the regular season. Leading, stealing, pick off attempts and balks are all a part of this division played on a 60'/90' field.

Our 2019 Sponsors

Our 2019 Sponsors

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