• 2019 General Meeting

    Posted September 9, 2019

    Hello Colonial Little League Families,

    On Tuesday, September 17th, Colonial Little League will be holding our Annual General Membership and Election meeting, 7pm at the Great Meadows Middle School cafeteria.

    In addition to conducting normal League business, we will be giving reports on the 2019 season, determine how many board positions we will hold for the upcoming 2020 baseball season and then proceed to fill them.

    This past year we had 10 Board Members, but we can expand that number as the general membership sees fit. The more people we have involved the better baseball experience we can bring to your children. If there is something new you think we can add or improve on for the upcoming season, please feel free to volunteer and help make it happen.

    Here is a link the explains the Roles & Responsibilities of Local Board of Directors

Player Evaluations/ Skill Assessments

Our goal for every season is to ensure each team is able to compete at a high level within the league, and that each team within Colonial are as even as possible.

As we entered the planning sessions for the 2018 Spring Season - we realized we needed to evaluate the criteria we use for the player draft. One factor we looked at is keeping players seperated by schools - as numbers at each level change from season to season - it becomes increasingly difficult to keep this seperation in place and keep the teams equal.

As such, Colonial Little League Board of Directors voted and agreed to combine all registered athletes from all school districts into one "pool" for the Player Draft at each *level.

This will also provide an opportunity for the players to meet new friends and create bonds that will carry into their high school years.

As of now we are planning on having evaluations at each level - Rookie(Coach Pitch), Minors, Majors and Juniors. As total registrations are finalized (at the end of February) we will be setting the evaluation schedules.

It is important that your child attend at least one the evaluation dates. This is necessary so that balanced teams can be created and your child can experience an enjoyable, competitive environment.

*This does not apply to our T-Ball program - we will continue to set these teams by schools when possible.

Our 2019 Sponsors
Our 2019 Sponsors