2019 Spring Registration Fees

Spring 2019 registration fees are determined by the players' (participants') league age.

[CLICK HERE to determine your child's league age for the current season].

**T Ball (5-6 year olds) $35

**Rookies/Coach Pitch(7-8 year olds) $75

**Minors(9-10 year olds) $85

**Majors(11-12 year olds) $85

**Intermediate-50'/70' (11-13 year olds) $95 **50/70 will be offered as a 2nd team and will be available after the player has registered for either a Majors or Juniors team)

**Juniors(13-14 year olds) $95**

**Registration fees include a uniform jersey and hat*

Early Bird Discount- register before January 13th, 2019 and receive $10 off your registration.

Fall Ball 2018 registration fees...

**Rookies(ages 6-7) $70

**Minors(ages 8-9) $80

**Majors(ages 10-11) $80

**Juniors(ages 12-14) $90

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