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Frequently Asked Question's

Can I request to be on another players or managers team?

The Board strongly discourages special requests and pre-assigned player selections. Our primary goal for player and team selections is parity among all of our teams. In fact, it is a condition of our Charter with Little League International. We encourage playing with others and strongly believe that players make new friends through team diversity. If a request is absolutely viewed as necessary by the parent we will consider written requests but we cannot make any guarantees. Please get your written request to the Colonial LL Board ASAP.  Hint: becoming involved with LL as a Manager is the best way to guide player and team selection.

Can I request for my player to "Play Up" in a higher division, or "Play Down" in a lower division?

For younger players who wish to play up a division (e.g., a 6-year-old who would like to play Rookies, an 8-year-old who would like to play Minors etc.), Colonial LL highly recommends the player and his/her family consider the following questions: **Please keep in mind that if a player moves up a division, they will end up playing 3 consecutive years in a certain division at some point whether it is 3 years in Rookies/Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors or Juniors. CLICK HERE to see our "Playing Up Policy"

In some situations, a family may desire to have their child play in the division below where their age dictates.  Our recommendation is to make a request in writing to [email protected] should you feel your child would benefit from playing down.  Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Who Operates Colonial Little League?
- Currently, CLL is operated by 13 volunteers from the community which makes up the Board of Directors. We can create more positions at our general membership meeting in September as we grow so if you are interested in being a Board member let us know

Where do my Registration Fees go?
-The Board of Directors' mission in regards to the league's annual budget is to continue to offer an affordable program for our players and families while maintaining a sustainable budget for the league that secures its financial health and wellbeing for the future.
Colonial LL is a non-profit, 100% volunteer driven organization. All revenues are reinvested into our program to improve the high quality of what we offer our players, families and the community.

How much are the Registration fees?
- For the 2023 Spring Season our fees are as follows...
(a uniform hat and shirt are included with each registration fee)

Tee Ball (4-6 year olds) $55
Rookies(7-8 year olds) $85
Minors(9-10 year olds) $95
Majors(11-12 year olds) $95
Intermediate(11-13 year olds) $95
Juniors(13-14 year olds) $105

Does Colonial Little League perform background checks on its volunteers?
-Yes. The local leagues are responsible for securing background checks on each adult volunteer who has repetitive access to the players. Little League International is teamed up with a company called JDP.  A CLL  board member does the background checks through a secure website.

When do things get started?
-We will be holding Indoor Clinics throughout the winter. Once your player is registered you will receive emails as to when they will be. Or keep an eye on our website and Facebook page as they are updated frequently.

Can someone register after Registration closes?
- Any registrations received after registration closes will be put on a waiting list and will be able to participate if League space allows and may be charged a late fee.

Why do I need to provide 3 proofs of residency?
-This is a Little League International requirement. Colonial LL has a boundary map which it can accept players from and we need proof that the player either lives or goes to school within that boundary. When an All Star roster is submitted for tournament play a Colonial LL official needs to present the 3 proofs of residency or 1 school enrollment document to the District Administrator for approval.

How far are the Away games?

-The older the players get the more teams we play Interleague games against. The Leagues our Majors (11-12's) & Jrs. (13-14's) played last year were North Warren LL, Warren Hills LL, Warren County LL, Lackawanna/Newton LL , Lakeland LL, Hobb Engler LL and Hopatcong LL. Our Minors and Rookies played against Lackawanna/Newton LL, North Warren LL and Warren County LL. Tee Ball was in house during the week but with limited travel to Lackawanna/Newton for Saturday games. All games where within 30 minutes from Great Meadows.

What will I need to play?
- Players should have an appropriately sized mitt and appropriate athletic wear (based on venue and weather) including footwear. It is required that all catchers wear an athletic supporter with a cup. Cleats are highly recommended for outdoor play. Colonial LL will provide teams with safe and appropriate bats, catcher's equipment, batting helmets and uniforms. Uniforms are provided shortly before games start, hats and team shirts. Pants are not included at any age. Your manager will tell you what color pants are suggested. Many players choose to have their own bats, helmets and catchers equipment depending on their level of play and personal preferences.

I heard there are tryouts. Does my son have to try out to make Little League?
- NO, There are no try-outs necessary to be on the Colonial LL spring or fall teams but we do have evaluations. Evaluations are NOT tryouts! Everyone that registers will be placed on a team. Evaluations allow managers, coaches and other evaluators to assess the talent pool of our players so we can distribute the talent across all teams as evenly as possible. Evaluations are generally held at the end of February and in the beginning of March. Check our website for more details.

Does every player need to be evaluated?
- Only our 9-14 year old players. This will give the League an opportunity to see each player's skill level so that we can make the teams as balanced as possible. This also gives the Player Agent, Managers and Coaches an opportunity to meet the players.

I noticed that there are overlapping ages for the divisions. Why is that?
-As children grow older, some have better skills than others. It is a natural part of life. If players are placed into divisions rigidly by age, some players are simply not ready to compete at that level yet. By allowing some amount of flexibility, the parents and CLL officials can place players in divisions that fit better into their level of play. Children who are ready to move to a higher division can do so with player agent and parental approval. For example, if an 8 year old has played Coach Pitch and the parent feels the child is ready for Minors, that child can try out for Minors. Some divisions have more rigid age limits that cannot be modified.

Little League Int. allows divisions to be aligned as follows;

Tee Ball 4-7 years old
Rookies/Coach pitch 7-9 year olds
Minor League 8-11 year olds
Major League 10-12 year olds
Intermediate 11-13 years old (play on a 50/70' field)
Junior League 13-14 year olds (play on a 60/90' field)

What happens next (after registration)?
- As mentioned Colonial LL will be having winter Clinics (starting in January), evaluations and then we move to draft managers and coaches, and finally players. All this is generally completed by mid-March

When do I know what team my player is on?
- After we draft players you will be contacted by your team manager. This is generally done by mid-March.

Are there rules for LL?
- Colonial LL runs our program by the rules and standards outlined by LL International. You can find out more information on the Little League International website. Each division also has "local" or "interleague" rules specific to that division of play.

When do outdoor practices start?

- We hope to get on the fields in late March or the beginning of April. This is highly dependent on the weather. A schedule of practices will be provided by your manager.

When do games start?
- Opening Day is generally scheduled for the third Saturday in April however that can move based on many factors including weather and Easter. Our Website will provide more details on opening day. The schedules are made in early April.

Will all teams play on Opening Day?
- We try to have every team play on opening day. Sometimes that is not possible; however every team should participate in the opening day festivities! We always need assistance with opening day so if you would like to volunteer to help Colonial LL please contact us ASAP.

What days are games on?
- Tee Ball,Rookies,Minors,Majors & Juniors- games will most likely be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the week and most Saturdays. Generally once during the week and once on Saturdays
-Intermediate(50/70)- Games will be scheduled on Monday's and Friday's.
-No Sundays are scheduled unless there is a makeup or rescheduled game.

Will games be scheduled on holidays?
- Mother's Day? Mother Day is a Sunday.
- Memorial Day? No games are generally scheduled during the Memorial Day weekend.
- Father's Day? Father's Day is a Sunday and generally the regular season is ending around this weekend. All Stars are likely to have a practice.

How many games will we play?
- Each division is different however LL mandates at least 12 games be played by every team.

Will we have practices after games start?
- After the season begins practices are scheduled by your manager in conjunction with the Field Coordinator.

Does Colonial LL have an All Star Team?
- Yes, we will try to field a team in every age category however that is dependent on many factors including how many players are available to us. All Star Teams available for the following ages:

- 8 and 9 year olds
- 9 and 10 year olds
- 10 and 11 year olds
- 11 and 12 year olds
- Intermediate(50/70)
- Juniors

By LL rules All Star teams cannot be announced or begin practice until June 1st.
The board will provide more details on All Stars and makes all decisions on the All Star Process. More information on All Stars will be distributed during the season.

Does Colonial LL have a Summer BB Program?
- Sorry, Not at this time. Only All Stars play during the summer months.

What if I'm unable to pay the registration fee?
-We have scholarship programs available, please contact the Colonial LL Treasurer or President for details.
Do I need to submit a copy of my child's Birth certificate again even if I did last season?
-No, if you are confident that you have already submitted one you do not need to submit it again. Once the League has a copy on file that will be fine. If we need one we will let you know

Does Colonial LL have a Fall BB Program?
- Yes, we have a great Fall Ball Program. Registration starts in June. You can find more information on our FallBall page.

We highly recommend you visit the Little League International website. At the top of the home page you will find a Google Custom Search engine where you can get answers to most everything pertaining to Little League.


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